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Happy birthday to me. I’m now an adult. I’m 23, a college graduate and now looking for a job. Oh, and it’s February and graduation was like 8 months ago. Fine. I’m f’Un-employed (pronounced “fun-employed”) but nowadays people can just call me the struggling artist or my personal favorite “self employed” or what I’ve been telling the old townspeople who get awkwardly introduced to me at church, I’m a “freelance videographer/ photographer”. Some might interpret that as a lazy millennial or something, but I’m crushing it. I get to set my own hours, make all the content that I want, and free room and board…with my parents. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve definitely tried getting a job. In fact I’ve applied to over 50 different jobs with a smaller number of interviews and zero leads. Adulting is hard.

Recently I survived “the great brainstorm of 2016”. This storm not only wasn’t at all dangerous, but turned out to be a very constructive event. It gave me hope that I actually still am capable of coming up with new ideas for art making. Maybe someday soon I’ll even be able to update my portfolio with fancy new stuff! But until then, I’ll go back to my procrastinating ways just like I like it. Good thing I am still making my own hours.

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