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A Letter to Montezuma

Hi there, I’m Ally Fillmore. You may recognize the name as text that you usually see under photos on the sports page of The Record. I moved here in 2015 right after graduating from Luther College. My dad had gotten the pastor job in that same summer at the Methodist church and I had nowhere else to go, so I came to the hidden gem of Montezuma. 

It has been, wow, 5 years now and it is time for me to leave and “level up” as an art teacher. I had incredible opportunities working at the school, meeting the best people, and witnessing some of the greatest athletic achievements that will surely stay in MHS history forever. I believe that everything happens for a reason and in my time of feeling lost after college, I found this place in the exact right time. My passion has and will always be sports photography. I mean, what are the chances that I came here and was able to cover I think 7 state championship events, over a handful of conference championship team titles, and many school records broken?! 

I know that it will be difficult to move on from this town that I’ve called home these last few years. But hey, I’ll live much closer to Drake Stadium and Wells Fargo Arena as the Braves and Bravettes continue their successes ;). I’ll always strive for the next best shot and want to thank every single athlete that I got the chance to photograph. Without you all, none of my greatest photos would have ever happened. And another big thanks to Shirley and Keith for finding the space for those photos to get seen. 

Until next time, Montezuma!

Below are photos from my time in Montezuma, each with their own story and sentimental value to me. I love being behind the lens, but what happens in front of it can be even better.

PS - If you’re still reading, Coach Megan Carlson is hosting a “Later ’Gator” for me on July 14th from 4-6PM and I’d love you see you there! Contact her at for more information.


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