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The Luther College Alumni Meet is a track meet that is basically a big Luther family reunion with some other random athletes who crash the party. My history with running is a roller coaster thanks to my body hating running. My love for cameras really blossomed when I was a freshman in college dealing with Compartment Syndrome. I had a long time away from running and in that time I stayed involved with my team by showing up with my camera to take photos and make videos. It was my way of supporting the team and finding my own healthy outlet to not being able to do what I loved, which at the time was running.

Anyways, at the Alumni Meet, I showed up for the first time as an alumnus and also for the first time without my camera. I decided that it was a good time to move on, live in the moment, and enjoy the company of my Luther family. Sports photography is a passion of mine, but it felt good to step away from the camera and give my full attention to everyone without the fear of missing a photo opportunity. It also showed me how much I miss documenting the drama of sports. Hopefully I can find events to cover in the near future.

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