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A Fight Until the End

In the first round of postseason baseball, it was the Montezuma Braves versus their rivals, the BGM Bears. The Braves got a good start in the beginning, then it was a battle of the defenses, and it was the Bears who brought it back to win 4-3 ending the season for Montezuma. 

In case you didn’t make it to Victor, here are some of the highlights from what you missed: Eddie Burgess had a great day of pitching 5 innings changing to Owen Cook in the 6th. The Braves got two of their runs in the first inning. In the top of the 2nd inning, it was the Braves in the field - 3 batters, 3 outs, demonstrating incredible defense. 

Eddie Burgess makes a pitch.

Montezuma’s third run came in the 4th inning when Brayden Arendt hit a great placement to BGM’s outfield. Connor Van Zee was on 2nd base and sped his way all the way home off of Arendt’s hit. Later in the 4th inning, a short ball was hit and Burgess reacted quickly throwing it to Eli Wilhelm for the force out at 3rd base. Then another exciting play when a foul ball was up and catcher, Kodie Strong, threw off his helmet and caught the last out. 

Connor Van Zee at bat.

Kodie Strong catching a foul ball.

The 5th inning was when the Bears hit their stride and tied it up when the ball had tough movement in the grass for the Braves. In the end there were some tough calls when Montezuma was attempting some offensive gains. It was a heartbreakingly close game, but the Braves ended their season strong. 

Eli Wilhelm throwing to first for an out.

Brayden Arendt tagging the out at 2nd.

Great job this year, Braves! 

Team talk after the game.


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