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A Hopeful Bravettes Team Finishes Season

It was the second round of regionals softball where the Sigourney Savages took over the field 14-2 in the 4th inning. The Bravettes showed talent, class, and most of all - they were a team. Here are some of the highlights from the game:

Montezuma girls were down 1-0 in the 2nd inning and after Kierstyn Price hit a handgun of foul balls, she was finally able to land one in play to get on first. Chloe Latchum was walked to first, both stole a base and a hit by Kaprice Wearmouth brought Price home. Later in the inning, the Bravettes demonstrated incredible teamwork, but a home run by the Savages increased their lead. 

Kierstyn Price makes a steal.

In the 3rd inning the Bravettes got hits off but, sadly, 3 catches in a row made for a short run at offense. Back on defense, an exciting play took place when Carissa VanZee threw the pitch, it bounced at the plate hitting the umpire. As a runner was stealing third, catcher, Maddy McKeag reacted quickly and got the ball to Olivia Moretz to tag the out. But it was the tough ball placements by Sigourney’s hits that helped to allow more steals and runs. Coach, Jeremy VanZee made some tactical coaching moves by allowing some of Sigourney’s big hitters to walk to prevent a Grand Slam when the bases were loaded. 

Olivia Moretz tags the out at 3rd.

Coach Jeremy VanZee.

Both runs of the night were made by Price. The second being in the 4th inning. She took her sprint all the way to home plate in hopes that the pop fly would drop. After the game, Coach VanZee gave great credit to the girls about their growth over the season and how they made improvements in every single game, saying, “you guys, as a team, came together.” His message to seniors, Olivia Moretz and Paige Robison, “we are extremely proud to have shared this with you.” 

Hugs for the two seniors, Paige Robison & Olivia Moretz.

Great job Bravettes on your 2019 season! 

Encouraging words from Coach Jeremy VanZee after the game.


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