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When the Dust Cleared, It Was the Braves Who Won

It was a hot one for the boys baseball team versus Baxter. All sun, no breeze, but it was the Braves who brought the heat when they came away winning 11-9. It was an exciting game, so here are some of your highlights:

Eddie Burgess had quite the game! Top of the 4th he slammed a huge triple helping get Cole Watts home. Next up was Eli Wilhelm with another hit to the outfield. It was caught, Burgess tagged up and took his dive into home plate bringing the Brave’s lead to 6-1.

Eddie Burgess hitting his triple.

Eddie Burgess diving home.

The 5th inning was a huge turning point for Baxter though. Big hits and tough offense gave them 6 runs, but it was time for defense and another pitcher change with some shifts of fielders that kept the Montezuma boys in the game. Later in the inning, Watts struck out two batters and Connor VanZee’s made a catch from deep outfield. The Braves were still fighting just down by one run after the 3 outs.

Cole Watts at pitcher.

Now for the comeback: speedy VanZee stole 2nd off of Brayden Arendt’s bunt at 2 outs. Both stole another base and Watts made a near-double and game of pickle allowing them to head home. Braves get the lead again. Next Burgess hit another double bringing in Watts before the end of the inning.

Foreground: Connor VanZee about to steal 2nd. Background: Brayden Arendt at bat.

Cole Watts winning his game of pickle at first base after attempting to make a double.

9-7 going into the 6th and a Braves fan called out, “Holy Christmas Nuts!”, in relief reacting to a jumping catch made by Nolan Reynolds in the outfield. Immediately following was another pop fly to 2nd basemen, Arendt, but he collided with Watts as both were attempting to catch the ball. After a pause in the game, Watts continued to pitch the rest of the inning which ended by another snag by Reynolds.

Nolan Reynolds making a run to first after a bunt.

A couple more runs with a switch to Burgess as pitcher and great teamwork helped the Braves to end the game strong. They will play at 5:30 in Williamsburg on Wednesday and again on Saturday at HLV vs. BGM at 5pm for their first postseason game.

The Braves baseball team after their win with Coach Anderson and Coach Beck.


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