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Montezuma Hall of Fame Class of 2019

2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

Saturday, September 14th was a big deal for sports fans. Yes, there was a big football game that happened between Iowa and Iowa State, but also the Montezuma Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Current athletic director, Tim Burgess, former athletic director and the town sports historian, Al Rabenold, and Megan Carlson helped to put together this event.

This years honorees included:


Dahl Wickham - 1957 (presented by Al Rabenold)

Don Ferneau - 1968 (presented by Joel Grier)

Laine (Lundy) Korver - 1976 (presented by Janel Burgess and Tony DiCecco) Deb (Kercheval) Holte - 1983 (presented by Juan Schmidt)


Jerry Rohach - 1983-1996 (presented by Lance Elliott)


1981 Girl’s Cross Country Team (presented by Kevin Gartman)

Deb (Kercheval) Holte

Cathy (Hansen) Shires

Melanie (James) Stielow

Shelly (Current) Roberts

Janice (Current) Roudabush

Mindy Dye

Paula Reams

Wendy (Boeding) Dierks

Michelle (Snook) Jordan

Sherri Johnston

Tracy Nicholson Bru

Tessy Venditt

Coach Juan Schmidt

Each presenter would introduce their inductee discussing the various achievements, fun stories, and qualities that prove how they deserve the honor of being recognized as one of Montezuma’s greatest.

After being presented with their award, the inductee was able to give an acceptance speech if they wanted.

Laine (Lundy) Korver gave a moving speech after her former coach and mentor, Tony DiCecco gave a message via recording that Janel Burgess played over the sound system. She related life with basketball and recalled the importance of keeping your eye on what is important. She told a story of a lesson that she learned about shooting. If your eyes are on the front of the rim, you’ll hit the front of the rim. If your eyes are on the back of the rim, you’ll hit the back of the rim. If you keep your focus on the hole of the basket, you will get the ball through the hole of the basket. She ended her speech with a reminder that if you stay in the lane too long, you’ll get a penalty.

The creator of Montezuma Cross Country, Coach Juan Schmidt, presented Deb (Kercheval) Holte crediting her hard work and dedication getting her to where she went in athletics. Her senior year, she was the valedictorian of her graduating class. Her graduation was in the afternoon, the next morning she ran the open 800 at the state track meet and set the record of 2:12 that still stands today. She was also a part of two trips to the state cross country meet. The first, her team was just two points from the championship. The second, they were fourth. The Bravettes haven’t been back as a team since.

The big takeaway from the ceremony was the importance of what you can take away from participating in sports. Its the life lessons of hard work, the relationships made, and the memories that last. Each speaker gave credit to how unique Montezuma’s athletics are - the coaches, facilities, and community members are what make it so great. It is just an incredible place to be.

Montezuma Hall of Fame

Team Hall of Fame

1948 Braves Football Team

1968-1969 Bravettes Basketball Team

1969-1970 Bravettes Basketball Team

1970-1971 Braves Basketball Team

1970-1971 Bravettes Basketball Team

1971-1972 Boys Track Team

1989-1990 Braves Basketball Team

Individual Hall of Fame

Charles Barg- Class of 1926

Johnny Thurber - Class of 1949

Carl Van Cleave - Class of 1950

Bill Boleyn - Class of 1954

Carolyn Little Simmons - Class of 1969

Mike Mitchell - Class of 1973

JoEllen Mitchell - Class of 1975

Larry Baethke - Class of 1977

Carmela Green - Class of 1984

Lance Elliott - Class of 1989

Rich Grife - Class of 1990

Jamie Arendt - Class of 1990

Scott Rabenold - Class of 1993

Janel (Grimm) Burgess - Class of 1994

Luke Thompson - Class of 2007

Coaches Hall of Fame

Coach Darrell Brand

Coach I.A. Gabriel

Coach Al Rabenold

Coach Carroll Rugland

Coach Tony DiCecco

Coach Ron Willrich


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