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The Battle of the Braves

Loose Ball

Coming into the big homecoming game, it was already known that this would be a battle. Two tough teams. The score was close throughout the first half, then Montezuma took a big lead and tried new strategy than used to, the score got close again and the Braves were able to still get the “W”.

Towards the end of the game, Montezuma coaches tried to run the clock and have the boys make some longer passes work. This isn’t how they were used to playing, but it was a learning experience.

Here are some of the highlights from the game:

In the second play of the game, sophomore, Eddie Burgess ran 63 yards all the way to the end zone and freshman, Owen Cook, kicked the field goal for the first 7 points.

A few minutes later, junior, Trey Shearer made a dramatic catch and ran the ball in for a touchdown. Flags were thrown for a pass interference by WACO and the touchdown still stood. Another good kick from Cook and the score was tied 14-14.

In the second quarter, the score was still a call and response. With 8:12 left, WACO was in touchdown range attempting to secure a lead when junior, Brian Diaz got a sack and it was Montezuma’s ball again.

Montezuma continued their lead when Shearer scored again and with 2:34 left of the half, senior, Brayden Arendt had an interception in the WACO end. Next, a pass to Arendt and he ran the 60 yards for a touchdown bringing the score to 34-21. Senior, Ben Jorgensen got to score the last points of the half with a two point conversion after a run, jump, catch out of Shearer. 42-27 at the half.

The WACO Warriors had some good athletes, but Montezuma has an Eddie Burgess, Kodie Strong, and Brayden Arendt. Strong and Arendt were quick to the tackle in the game. Strong, with a wrestling background, made dives, did backwards somersaults, and had takedowns similar to when he is on the mat.

In the third quarter, Burgess had a pick 6 and a 35-40 yard run to the line. With 4:31 left in the quarter, the score was 55-27. This is around where the shift in plans by the Braves allowed some points from the Warriors.

With just 3:43 left in the game, WACO was within 5 points. The score was 55-50. A minute later, Burgess scores. Cook gets another field goal. 62-50. Another score from WACO.

Final score: 62-57. What a game!

The Braves improve their record this season to 4-0. Go watch them next at Lone Tree on September 27th at 7PM.


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